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Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix (200 Grams)

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Enjoy the complex NEW flavors of the Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix from OjasTee! Made from 7 select spices loaded with antioxidants and vitamins, this delightful blend is a must-have drink during cold seasons.

Spice up your lattes and other favorite beverages with our healthful golden latte mix!

Healing Blend of Spices We select a combination of whole food ingredients to give you a nutritious and inviting Ayurvedic drink. Every pack of our Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix contains a spice set that works synergistically to promote overall wellness. This Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix is enriched with turmeric, cinnamon, coriander, ginger, cumin, black peppercorn, and nutmeg.

Our powdered golden milk turmeric infusion mix has no added sugar, salt, MSG, synthetic additives, or preservatives. The spices we use are of the highest quality and are processed carefully to retain their nutritional properties. Bursting with Goodness OjasTee’s wholesome golden milk with turmeric and ginger helps fortify your body’s immune functions, heart health, and cognitive performance. Its antioxidant-rich ingredients also improve fitness, healing, mood, bone strength, and gut health.

Deliciously Effortless Mix it with any milk of your choice—almond, coconut, oat, soy, cow's milk, or other animal or vegan milk. Enjoy a cup of this blend with a hint of chocolate or honey. Personalize your drink with our bold and flavorful Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix.

• This product contains the active component of Turmeric, Curcuminoid, as tested by Mèrieux NutriSciences Laboratory. It has been well documented that Curcuminoid provides immune support.

Brew the Perfect Cup Heat milk of choice until boiled.

• Add 1 level teaspoon of Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix per 8oz of hot milk.

• Mix with a spoon, filter, or strain.

• Add honey or maple syrup to sweeten, if desired.

• Allow to cool for 1-2 minutes and sip away!

Craft a dreamy and delicious drink with OjasTee Golden Latte TURMERIC Mix.

Order yours and make your own unique latte today!

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