About Us

OjasTee LLC was founded in Berkeley, California in 2020 by a retired physician, Raj, and a former biotech scientist, Bob. Its formation was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire to support immune health. OjasTee is dedicated to creating spiced-based, immune-boosting products that support healthier eating, drinking and living.

Our Mission

OjasTee’s mission is to have a positive impact on as many lives as we can through the creation and distribution of flavorful and healthful products and by using the highest quality ingredients we can. The spices, teas, herbs, and other ingredients used and distributed by OjasTee are quality tested by our suppliers and co-packers, and all of our business associates employ strict quality control (QC) processes and cleanliness practices.

The name OjasTee is derived from a Sanskrit word, Ojas, meaning energy or vitality.

Spices and Wellness

Foods that promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties need to be part of daily intake. In search of such products, we find spices, such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and ginger etc. are packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

In search of products that can be easily consumed and add flavor to our food, we decided on promoting spices in various forms, such as tea, Golden Milk (with or without your favorite granola cereal), seasoning in various cuisines and as a rub on fish, meat, and vegetables. 

Increasing intake of fruit, vegetables, spices and herbs all will boost the immune system. Spices, such as turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, etc. have been shown to be strong supporters of the immune system by their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

This is the story of “7-Spice to Health” products by OjasTee LLC. Enjoy!



The National Minority Supplier Development Council’s Certification Policy and Procedures are firmly adhered to by its 24 regional affiliate councils (or RMSDCs) for the certification of minority-owned, operated and controlled businesses (MBEs). Standardized Procedures assure consistent and identical review and certification of MBEs throughout the NMSDC Network. The NMSDC is the only national organization providing certification throughout the U.S. where MBEs are genuinely minority-owned and operated, and ready to do business.



We have used the Merieux NutriSciences labs to confirm the presence of immune support elements in our products. Curcuminoid is the active component in Turmeric, which is the major ingredient in all of our products. 

Founders' bios:

Dr. Rajah Sekaran, “Raj”, the principal founder of OjasTee: Raj is a California-based retired physician who completed his medical training in both his native India and in the United States. He has been an avid student of philosophy and the sciences, studying both Eastern and Western religions for nearly 40 years. Raj has noted that recently more and more studies were showing inflammation as the basis of serious lung problems in COVID-19 cases. Moreover, it was already known inflammation plays a major role in heart diseases, joint problems and skin problems. So, Dr. Sekaran came up with the spice-blend to be used as 'Tea' and as seasoning for food and as dietary supplements, combining the 7-spices known for their immune-boosting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. 

Raj has also recently published two books, "Tennis Made Easy and Yoga of Mind and Body" and "Beyond Mind–The Next Step in Human Evolution.

Bob Milley, a co-founder of OjasTee, is a former Biopharmaceutical research scientist. Bob led Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) efforts for various companies and numerous product candidates that have enabled preclinical evaluation, toxicology studies, technology transfer, GMP manufacture and initiation of human clinical trials. Bob has co-authored more than 10 peer-reviewed scientific articles, is a co-inventor on 3 U.S. patents, and has contributed to two FDA approved drugs and one vaccine. Bob’s experience in biotech has taught him about the importance of quality raw materials, controlled production processes, and consistent product quality. 

Bob is also a co-founder of Recombinant Films LLC, 2013 and is Key Science Advisor and Co-Producer of “Beating Superbugs: Can We Win?” a feature length documentary to premiere in February, 2021.

OjasTee's Philosophy

FEEDBACK THEORY  (taken from "Beyond Mind–The Next Step in Human Evolution", by Dr. Rajah Sekaran)

Internal and External Milieu

We are all part of the environment we live in. We are all connected to the environment more than we realize. The air we breathe in and out, the space we live in and move around in, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the sunlight without which we, as well as this Earth, cannot survive, connect us to the external milieu. Only our mind has the wrong notion of separation. It is the mind that is conditioned to think that way. So, both the external environment and our internal environments need to be in optimal health.

This theory further elucidates how the internal environment needs to be in optimal balance to maintain health.

Feedback Theory of Virus

Our body is kept in balance while we are healthy. When this state of ‘ease’ is disturbed, ‘dis-ease’ occurs. The body and its interior are mainly kept in balance by the immune system and the hormonal system supported by our neuronal, vascular, endolymphatic systems and by various hormones and neurotransmitters.

Similarly, when the balancing of the outer environment is disturbed by pollution etc. it results in ‘disease’ of the environment, showing up as global warming, high tides, hurricanes, activation of volcanoes, and viruses. Virus and bacterial infections and autoimmune disorders causing the various diseases in our body proliferate for the same reason.

On the other hand, when the environment comes back to balance both in the internal environment in our body and in the external environment, these viruses and other environmental disorders subside. So, it is our own actions that cause the problem as well as cure the problem. So, what can we do?

Support your Immune Health

Lifestyle change is needed in all aspects of life to bring back balance to both the external environment and the internal environment. So, Lifestyle change is needed in every aspect of life, such as avoiding pollution in every possible way.

It is now well accepted that the mind and body are one unit, due to the mind-body connections through hormones and neurotransmitters. So, lifestyle change should occur at the physical level as well as the mind level, as needed.

Lifestyle Change: At the Mind Level

Mind burdened with prejudice, hatred, jealousy, and anger will tip the balance of the immune system and cause disorders and diseases, both at the physical body and the mind. What is the antidote?
It is very simple.

  1. Being kind with good intentions.
  2. All thinking and actions to be directed to “the right thing to do.”
  3. Removing negative thought and action, by accepting all differences and unchangeable disappointments. This can help to manage stress.
  4. “We are all in this together” is more relevant now than ever before!

Lifestyle Change: At the Physical Level

Towards that goal, we need to have a lifestyle with adequate exercise and proper diet. For an optimal diet, we need only 20% in protein, and about 20% in fat, as mostly unsaturated fat with omega-3s ( avoid saturated fat, as much as possible. ) The carbohydrates should amount to a total of approximately 50%, and should be mostly vegetables (15%),fruits (15%), and some grains and dairy (20%)–Dairy may be substituted with plant based milk, such as almond, soy or oat milk if desired.)

The remaining 10% should consist of condiments, nuts, seeds and Oil (as expeller-pressed oils, such as Olive oil, Sesame oil, and Grape-seed oil). Most importantly, Spices and herbs need to be added in adequate amounts to contribute anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and to support the Immune health.